Historical fiction

Izar, The Amesbury Archer

The story of a man who died nearly a thousand miles from where he was born. He lived at the end of an era, when human curiosity was pushing the boundaries into a new age.

For The Want Of Silver

A novel based on the true story of a Viking raider who, over 30 years, acquired a fortune in English silver..

Finn’s Fate

Who were the 52 men whose skeletons were found on a lonely hilltop in Dorset in 2006, and why were they there?

Three King’s – One Throne

How did a Norwegian King play a major role in causing the the Anglo-Saxon disaster at  the Battle of Hastings in 1066?

The Wessex Turncoat

A simple Dorset country boy joins thousands like him in a bloody, futile effort to save the  British colony of America for King  George III.

The Red Slippers

Based on an Egyptian folk tale, The Red Slippers tells the story of Maia, an Egyptian girl who lived at the time of the pharaohs.