Historical Novels: the fact and the fiction

Blog - ShaftesburyToday I had the pleasure of giving an illustrated lecture to the Shaftesbury Historical Society. The subject of my talk was “Historical Novels: the fact and the fiction”.

Shaftesbury, in the county of Dorset, is oldest and at 219 metres above sea level, one of the highest towns in England. Alfred the Great founded a defended settlement there in 880 AD. Another claim to fame is that King Canute, the great Danish king, died there in 1035.

The town is beautifully situated with fine views of the Blackmore Vale. The most famous part of the town is Gold Hill, a steep cobbled street leading to the Town Hall. It is on this hill that the Shaftesbury Museum is situated. The museum is owned by the Historical Society and admission is free.

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  1. Dennis
    Dennis says:

    Forgive the intrusion, but my wife had intended to attend your lecture on Tuesday but was unable to do so due to a sudden and unexpected family illness.

    I wondered whether you might have a handout or lecture notes that I could give to her, or any other information that might help her?

    It goes without saying that I would not, of course, expect this for nothing.

    My apologies once again for troubling you.

    Kind regards,
    Dennis Hughes


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