Great solar eclipses

EclipseOn 31st August 1030 there was a total eclipse of the sun over Norway between 13.40 and 14.53. The eclipse happened during the Battle of Sticklestad. In the battle, King Olaf was killed, he later became the patron saint of Norway. His step brother, Harald Sigurdsson later known as Harald Hardrada, survived and eventually in 1066, invaded Britain a month before the Norman Conquest. His escape from the battle is described in “Three Kings – One Throne”.

“They were very lucky to get away from the fighting and had only managed to do so because of the miracle.
As soon as the king had been killed it had begun to get dark even though this was in the middle of the August afternoon. There had been confusion as warriors on both sides could not identify their enemies because of the increasing gloom. Some had fallen to the ground to pray in response to this divine intervention, but not the two men with the horse. They wanted to escape the inevitable slaughter of the king’s men by a victorious enemy.”

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