‘History is Life’s rear view mirror’ Establishing the facts to write the fiction

Most historical novels relate to a real period in history and the challenge for a novelist is to get the facts right. For if they do not, it is amazing how many really competent historians, often with an encyclopaedic knowledge, will quickly and quite justifiably point this out.

American civil war soldiersIn doing the research for my three historical novels I have had to read very extensively, visit museums, archaeological and battle sites and retrace the steps of my protagonists on land and sea. In the case of the novel I am currently writing,” The Wessex Turncoat”, I also had the benefit of input from several experts on the period in which the novel is set. (More about this in a later post.) The end product is a huge amount of research data, only a fraction of which ever gets into a book, but which is vital for a writer to understand the background to the period in question.

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