Rune Stone Story 2

blog Rune Story 2Every rune stone has a story. This one has been placed in the park in front of the old university building in Uppsala, Sweden. Usually rune stones were erected as memorials to dead warriors, seamen or traders. This thousand year-old stone is very unusual as it was carved for a Viking Sea captain, Vigmund, while he was still alive, and it seems that he had much bravado and little modesty!

Translated, the runes say:

“Vigmund had this stone carved for himself, the cleverest of men. God save Vigmund the sea captain’s soul”

However, the stone is most unusual for another reason too. It was transported to France for display at the World Exhibition of 1867 in Paris. After the exhibition, as the rune stone was being loaded on to a ship in Le Havre to be returned to Sweden, it was accidentally dropped into the harbour and lost. A few years ago it was re-discovered in the mud in the harbour and returned to its rightful home.

The most well traveled rune stone?

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