Rune Stone Story 1

A Modern Rune Stone Mystery

On the waterway from the ancient town of Uppsala to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, there is a fine sixteenth century castle called Skokloster. In the grounds of the castle, many years ago a Viking age rune stone was discovered. The stone has inscriptions on two sides in runic alphabet. The inscription on one side translates to: “Andvatt and Gulev and Gunnar and Horse and Rolev had this stone raised in memory of Tord, their father. Fot carved the stone.”

One winter day in 2011, someone visiting the church found this in the snow outside of the church. It is an exact copy of the front of the rune stone delicately craved in wood. It has fine carvings all around the edge and is mounted on a sculpture of a mythical beast.

Who carved this fine piece and why, is a complete mystery.

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