The story of a language school

Starting and growing a business is an adventure. At times it is just too exciting for comfort, at other times it is a dull slog. There are highs and there are lows and occasionally things are just humdrum. But in the all-consuming day to day business of doing ones best to provide a quality product for customers, keeping loyal staff happy and satisfying the requirements of the authorities, while still making a profit, it is quite difficult to have an objective overview of the progress, the setbacks and the development of an organisation.

For the whole of the period I worked at the Salisbury School of English I kept a detailed business diary and for most of that time a personal diary. After at first ignoring the suggestion that I should write an account of those 27 years, I decided to revisit my diaries and see if I could create a coherent commentary on the way the business developed and eventually became a success. A TEFLER’s Tale was written specifically for my own family. My wife and I had built up the business together and my three daughters had grown up with the school and had worked there before embarking on their own careers. They had all encouraged me to create a record of our experiences.

I spent many days going through my diaries, sorting and selecting items which I thought might be of interest. Gradually, I managed to convince myself that there was a story to be told. I collated many items and then started writing the book, a task which took over a year. The next task was to select photographs. This was no easy matter as we had literally thousands of photos, some of which we had taken, but also a very large number which had been sent to us by past students. Eventually, with the help and support of Barbro, my wife, the completed project was ready in the summer of 2012. Thus it was that on the event of my 70th birthday Barbro and I were able to surprise the family by distributing copies of the book, which they did not even know had been written.

Purely by accident, the fact that I had written the book became known to some of my past colleagues. It was to satisfy the interest that they had shown that I decided to enlarge the book and make it publicly available.

A Tefler’s Tale is available from Amazon or direct from the author for £12 within the UK.