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Read a sample of “Finn’s Fate”

Chapter 1                                                                                        Floga                                   The pack of wolves huddling together for protection from the blizzard were at first puzzled by the sounds carried on the wind, but soon they caught the scent of smoke. The pack, a family of eleven, was near their den, which was on a steep rocky mountainside overlooking the frozen lake. […]

Read a sample of “Three Kings – One Throne”

Sample of “Three Kings – One Throne”    Chapter 4  “Memories of a Warrior”   “Ivar, the  old grey-haired warrior, sat  patiently on  his  horse” “waiting for three trumpet blasts which would call him to action, but he knew that, though he was in full armour, he might have a long wait before he was […]

The road to Miklagard

The popular image of the Vikings is of bloodthirsty warriors, and many of them definitely were. However, although a proportion of the men known as the Vikings were trained warriors, many, if not most, were ordinary farmers and fishermen. It was mainly the prospect of easy pickings abroad which persuaded them to rove the coasts […]