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Read a sample of the “Wessex Turncoat”

From Chapter 16 The Serjeant led the men, who were forced to go in single file, through a skilfully disguised entrance into the enclosure. They stood staring with amazement at the building in front of them. “The likeness is to a giant woodlouse,” he said as he slapped the shell of the large building. It […]

1066 and the Great Invasion in the North

The “North”? Yes, perhaps the greatest invasion of England ever, took place not at Hastings, but in Yorkshire. 1066 is one of the most famous years in history because it was the year when King Harold of England was killed at the Battle of Hastings and the Norman leader, Duke William, took his crown. But […]

The Vikings: Life and Legend

I had been looking forward to the opening of the new exhibition at the magnificent British Museum in London, “Vikings : Life and Legend”, for some time and we had booked a viewing on the day of the launch. It did not disappoint! The Exhibition has brought together Viking age artefacts, on loan from many […]

The Birth of a Nation

In the town of Jelling in Denmark, outside of the ancient church, there is a pair of massive 10th century runestones. The church itself stands between two impressive burial mounds.

How Christian were the Vikings?

Isolated religious communities were easy prey for the Vikings. The lure of gold and silver ornaments in monasteries, nunneries and churches was irresistible to the Norsemen. Yet many Vikings professed to be Christian. So why did they not respect other Christians?

Vikings and the Hereafter

Vikings had a reputation as fearless fighters. It was said that they did not fear death. Just what did they believe happened to them when they died? The Viking warrior was a hero to his kinsfolk. Men were encouraged to do battle and a violent death brought honour. The Valkyries chose only the fallen warriors […]

May 2013 Blog tour

This is the week of my Blog Tour. I am thrilled that these popular bloggers have agreed to feature my new novel “Three Kings – One Throne”. Here is the timetable for the week, please stop by and take a look at their blogs. Tue 14 Guest Post on Of History and Kings (ofhistoryandkings.blogspot.co.uk) Wed 15 […]

The tribulations of travel, Part 2

Continuing the narrative from an article published in 1810 about a journey down the St Lawrence Seaway: “One of the crew caught hold of me, and kept me down under the water, but contrary to my expectation, let me go again. On rising to the surface, I got hold of a trunk, on which two […]

The tribulations of travel : Part 1

Having published “Three Kings – One Throne”, the second book in my trilogy, “Finn’s Legacy”, I decided to take a short break from the eleventh century and fast forward seven hundred years to the American War of Independence. As always, when researching for a novel, source material tempts one to get side-tracked. My putative story includes a journey in 1776, down the […]