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Michael Wills Interview

It was fun to be interviewed by AllAuthor recently! If you want to know what inspires me to write, my research process, how I balance historical accuracy with creative storytelling and much more, have a read here.

The Ulfberht Sword

One of the swords found in the Viking graves on the island of Sollerön in Sweden has a name engraved on it, Ulfberht. It was found in the first grave to be discovered. The temptation is to assume that this was the name of the Viking chieftain whose remains was buried there. Actually, the name […]

The Last Vikings?

In 985 AD, an Icelandic Viking, Erik Torvaldsson, lured Norse families into attempting the dangerous 750 mile, (1200 km), passage from Iceland to Greenland. The reason they left Iceland is disputed, but it seems to be related to the scarcity of land on the Island. Such good land as there was, had been claimed by […]

A Gruesome Discovery

In 2012 the Olympic sailing events were held in Portland, Dorset, UK. In preparation for the Olympics, in order to improve transport links to Portland, a relief road was built over a hill in the Dorset Downs, called “The Ridgeway”. It was during the construction of this road that a completely unexpected archaeological discovery was […]

In The Dark

There is one scenic device, used by film directors and story writers alike, which can be guaranteed to heighten tension and drama – darkness. The dark robs us of the means to orientate, to feel sure of our surroundings and who might be in them. Familiar shapes become threatening, and sounds which cannot be identified […]